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Somatic Healing Process Workshop

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3-Day Workshop
Friday, March 17th - Sunday, March 19th, 2023

Start Time: 10:00am
End Time: Varies (Days 1 & 2 end at 6:00pm, Day 3 ends at 1:00pm)

* * * Limited to 3 Participants * * *

Cost: $695 ($200 deposit required to hold your spot & balance due 3/10/23)

Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card. More information sent upon registration. 


  • Day 1 - Group introductions, the Principles, the Form, turn #1

  • Day 2 - Group Check-in, debrief turn #1, turn #2 & #3

  • Day 3 - Group Check-in, debrief turn #2 & #3; Closure

- About the Workshop -

Is there a pattern in your life that you want to change?

Have you been working on this pattern for a long time, without making lasting changes, despite getting support from qualified practitioners?

These are questions that often arise when an early life experience, preverbal imprint or non-verbal memory is at the root. We support individuals to explore and transform early, restrictive patterns arising from these prenatal and perinatal experiences, so that they can access more choice in their present day lives.


These early times extend from conception through gestation, birth and the first few years of life. During this early time of life, our brain records implicit memories that are inherently more feeling and sensation based, which make them difficult to process verbally. Experiences during these early times can affect our development, long term health and well-being. They can leave imprints or a felt sense, which can influence how we move forward into our lives, how we form relationships and our basic belief systems.


Dr. Ray Castellino is a pioneer in pre and perinatal therapy and he developed Womb Surround process workshops. These can be facilitated with an individual, family or small group of 3-6 people where each person has a turn. Each participant’s turn is governed by Dr. Castellino’s 8 Principles, which create a safe container for the work to unfold. In the group format, each person witnesses the other’s turn, which is why the term coined for a session is “a turn.” The session encompasses a body/mind centered and somatically oriented approach that supports a person in re-patterning these early life experiences, by offering a felt sense of what was missing back then. Participants often share how the process is both empowering and deeply transformative.


What’s it like? The first part of the group meeting is dedicated to getting to know each other, introducing The Principles and explaining the steps involved with a turn.  This format helps create safety and structure to proceed with each participant’s turn. Sessions are facilitated by 2 practitioners, Natalie Garvey and Cindy Barnum. Tools used by the facilitators include, somatic(body) support, cranial-sacral work, reflective listening and energy awareness.


The session is dedicated to the deep exploration of the participant’s intention and what they want for themselves. The turn lasts around 2 hours. The exploration is facilitated with care and awareness providing a somatic approach for getting in touch with early life experiences and imprints/non-verbal memories at a pace that supports integration. The turn also serves to create a coherent narrative and understanding about the history of what is being explored. Often participants are able to better understand the usefulness of the strategies that have been used to survive and cope. Once this is realized, it is easier to find other options to face our lives from our present age with more access to choice.


Following the turn, in the next group gathering we begin with a debrief of the session from the previous day.  The debrief allows time and space for cognitive integration, plus answer any questions that arise for the participant. The debrief is generally 45 minutes.

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